Performers Requirements

  • Check in at the ticket booth to obtain your wrist band and leave email address for EFT payment.
  • Sign in your comp person (pre registered via Eventbrite)
  • Soundman (Larry Meyer)
    Check in with the soundman at the sound booth and provide or confirm your technical requirements

Comp Tickets

  • Each band member has one comp ticket.
  • If additional friends, members or family are staying for the weekend, day or evening, they must pay regular prices.Unless otherwise pre-arranged with Roberta.
  • However it they are only staying for your 45 minute performance and leaving the site a $10 cash donation will be appreciated.
  • Comp Tickets: CLICK HERE

CD Sales

  • A table is setup for you to sell your CD’s.
  • CD’s sales will be right after your performance. During the 15 min setup of the next performance.
  • Please be at the table to take the payment and autograph CD’s. (we may have a volunteer available to assist at the CD table)

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