Festival Etiquette

We know you’re all lovely, polite people. These are just some friendly reminders of Festival's do’s and don’ts.

This facility is used for many different events. The props that you see are here for everyone’s enjoyment, please do not touch or damage them .

Children are welcome! We want to promote a family friendly environment however we do not provide childcare services.


Please inform your children of the festival rules and ensure they are supervised.  There will be arts and crafts, games for the kids on Saturday afternoon ($5). We do not provide childcare services.


Festival Etiquette

Be a Good Neighbour:

  • Don’t block anyone’s view.Take only the space you need.
    • Respect the view of others, short chairs in front of stage, tall chairs behind.
  • Turn off your cell phone, or put it on mute. Taking pictures and videos are ok.
  • Take your conversations away from the seating area when people are enjoying the music.
  • Dispose of your garbage in the containers provided for your garbage and bottles or take it home with you.
  • Be respectful of others and their stuff. Don’t touch unless you ask permission.
  • Adults should remember that this event provides many hours of musical talent, so pace yourself and drink responsibly.

Kids (large and small)

  • No playing in the fish pond or near the water wheel. You can get hurt.
  • No 'rough' (yelling and screaming) housing in the concert area/Dome while musicians playing.


  • If you wish to smoke (and that includes all types of smoke), please move away from the audience and stages, as well as from the food area. We have 17 acres for you to use.
  • Butts belong in the garbage, not on the ground. We recommend that you “pinch and pocket” your butts until you can dispose of them in one of the provided “butt ” cans. Thank you for considering other people’s health and comfort.
  • There is to be no open alcohol (glass) in the concert area.


  • We ask that everyone participate in keeping the grounds clean, if you see something needing to be done, like garbage needing to be emptied, please assist us or let us know (ticket booth) that those things need looking after.
  • Bottle and garbage cans need to be monitored. It garbage/bottles need to be taken care of; deposit garbage in the Green garbage bin and bottles/cans in the Black Bottle bag, near the entrance to the festival (next to the cook shack).
  • Volunteers assisting with parking can check-in at the ticket booth. Leave your name and if needed we will call on your help.

Camping Facilities

  • Shower Shack (green tarp bldg) –  Shower and sink
  • Port-a-potties (the pooper) by the gazebo and around the cook shack area
  • No small fires at your campsites. During the music festival, we will use the common firepit. Don't want to have a 'bush fire!
  • 15 amp only – no air conditioning available – you may be sharing an outlet with someone and it will blow the breakers.
  • Cook Shack – Propane Stove, BBQ, Fridges, toaster, microwave, electric teakettle, and hot plate for use by overnighters in cabins or tents.
  • Please be respectful of your neighbors in the camping area. There will be "sing-alongs" around the large campfire, but in the camping area, please be quiet and respect the 11pm quiet time.
  • Keeping the grounds clean, please ensure all garbage and cans are taken to the garbage bin and the bottle bag.

If you want full hookups - Silver Creek Golf Course is 10 minutes away and can accommodate your full hookup requirements.

NO reserving of camp spots, first come, first serve. We do not guarantee power spots.

  • IF, you need a power spot (no generator), bring units out the weekend before or Wednesday before the music festival. We like all units to be parked before the festival starts on Friday. There is plenty of 'no power' spots. Try to be here by 5 pm Friday to get your spot, get set up, and have some supper before the festival starts.

Basic Power only: No Air Conditioning, No Electric Water heaters (must be on propane only) as power is shared among multiple units.

  • Charge per unit for a full weekend: $50 Power (limited), $40 no power, $20 Tent/car (sleeping)
  • Pre-parking: $5/day charge if you are plugged in early to power. No charge to just leave it parked.
  • Cash or Etransfer. Pay for camping on Friday when registering and checking in.


  • Topic: Music Fest Camping to confirm what day you are pre-parking your unit.
  • Provide details of the RV type /size of the unit and the date you are coming to drop off the RV.

CD’s for sale

  • Musician’s CD’s for Sale – available after each performance (quarter to the hour). Location to be announced. Usually the Dome!

Kids Activities

  • Crafts – Dome starting at 1 pm Saturday. $5 fee to cover costs of craft items.


  • Dogs must be kept on a leash and bring your own scoops or poop bags.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the concert area. Must be on leash when walking with owner. If you are camping we would appreciate your puppy staying at your unit.

  • Please do not feed our pets. They get plenty to eat!

  • We have a border collie X (black, white & brown) dog. Her name is Sophie and is 13 years old and she does not need food. She will be on her leash or in her kennel.
  • Two Cats. Max (b&w) (you probably will NOT see him) and Houdini (White & orange) (he likes to climb into vehicles!)
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